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Agropoli - Hotel Caravella

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Agropoli (Acropolis: high city) is located in the Cilento, at the west gate of the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, south of the Sele plain and overlooks the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Caravella Residence is surmounted by the old town, which preserves the ancient center, most of the walls and the seventeenth-century portal, the latter being reached by climbing one of the few examples of steep gradients characterized by wide and low steps.
You can go to the streets and discover monuments, go find some artisans or still enjoy the pizza agropolese, served in characteristic wicker baskets, until you arrive at the “castle” enclosed at the summit of the hamlet as a precious stone.
From the circular towers of the castle you can enjoy a fantastic panorama, or you can stay in the square, today used as a garden or outdoor theater, where various art exhibitions are presented.

There are many places to visit:

  • The lighthouse
  • Torre S. Marco
  • St. Francis Tower and the Rock of St. Francis
  • The harbor
  • The bakery has just been restored
  • The statue of St. Francis on the hill of San Marco

Like all Cilento, Agropoli is a city full of traditions, so you can attend the Feast of Our Lady of Constantinople, during which the statue of Our Lady is brought to the sea procession, followed by many boats as a good wish for the fishermen .

The famous carnival that sees on the sea-side San Marco wagons set in the smallest detail.

Numerous are the folk and folk festivals with typical Cilento songs and typical dishes, such as anchovies, fresh handmade pies, Cilento white figs and more.

Agropoli has a railway station that this year sees an agreement with Red Arrow to get to Cilento with the convenience of the high-speed train, as well as with Intercity.
The harbor accommodates many boats, there is a free beach and events and concerts are organized on the walk.