Agropoli (Acropolis: upper town) is located in the Cilento area, at the western doors of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni national park, south of the Sele plain and overlooking the blue Tyrrhenian sea.

The Relais la Caravella is located in the heart of the historic center, which preserves the ancient center, most of the walls and the gateway to the ancient center in Byzantine style: the latter is reached by going up the Scaloni, one of the few examples of ascent to gradoni characterized by wide and low steps.

You can get lost in the panoramic streets and discover monuments, landscapes and views of the sea coast, you can happen near some artisan or still taste the Cilento pizza, served in characteristic wicker baskets, up to the Angioino Aragonese Castle, wedged in summit of the village like a precious stone.

Visiting the castle, from its circular towers you can appreciate a breathtaking view, where a part of the historic center merges with the surrounding nature and the crystal clear water of the coast; in the square of the castle, instead, nowadays used as a garden or an open-air theater, various art exhibitions and theatrical staging are frequently presented.

In addition to the spearhead of Agropoli, so many places deserve to be visited with the same wonder: some are the Lighthouse, the Tower of St. Mark, the Tower of St. Francis and the rock of St. Francis, the latter, the patron saint of Agropoli.

Like all Cilento, Agropoli is a city rich in traditions, so you can participate in the feast of the Madonna of Constantinople, during which the statue of the Madonna is carried in procession to the sea, followed by many boats, as a good omen for the fishermen , or the famous carnival that sees San Marco floats drawn down to the smallest detail along the seafront.

There are numerous folkloristic and gastronomic events such as festivals and events that try to preserve the Mediterranean identity and the unique landscapes of Agropoli, with Cilento folk songs and typical dishes such as anchovies, fresh handmade pasta, Cilento White Fico and much else.

Agropoli has a railway station that this year sees an agreement with Trenitalia in the “Cilento Blue” project to be able to arrive in Cilento with the comforts of the high-speed train, as well as with the Intercity.

The harbor welcomes many boats, there is a free beach and on the walk events and concerts are organized.

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